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New Construction 2 Story Homes | Venice FL | David Barr Realtor

As your Venice and Sarasota FL area new constuction specialist, it's my job to help you pick the right home and community for your needs out of the over 40 currently available. I'm seeing more and more 2 story homes being built.  With this trend comes some issues you should be aware of. As you can see in the photo above, some new home builders are using wood frame on the 2nd floor.  Some builders are building what they term "block on block", or concrete block on the 2nd floor, instead. As a new home buyer, you have a choice to make.  All concrete block is a bit more expensive than block and frame.  You may have a cost advantage in homeowner's insurance if the home is all concrete block.  The survivability of an all concrete block home in the event of a hurricane is also greater. Did you see the home in Mexico Beach, FL that was left standing after Hurricane Micheal in October 2018?   This home was all concrete. The home owner went above