Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Self Driving Shuttle | Solar Powered Town | Babcock Ranch

I've added Babcock Ranch to the list of areas and towns I cover, because it's so unique.  In case you missed it, Babcock Ranch is the country's first 100% solar powered town.  This is an important distinction.  Every single electric appliance or machine in Babock Ranch runs on solar power 100% of the time.  Other communities, such as Lakewood Ranch, are now offering solar powered subdivisions, but they are not 100% solar powered.

Babcock Ranch is offering a self-driving solar powered shuttle to it's list of future-friendly amenities.  The shuttles can be used for trips to grocery stores, school, and restaurants.  Read more about it here.

Getting there:  From I-75 take SR 78 (North Ft. Myers) east to Hwy 31 north.  Go five miles and Babcock Ranch is on your right.

For more about Babcock Ranch, visit my website www.davidbarrhomes.com/babcock-ranch-fl-homes-for-sale

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